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By registering, you confirm that you are an adult at least 18 years old. Sign-up for EACH child must be at least one (1) month before the child's birthday. The VIP Birthday Lanyard will provide one (1) all-day access to Irvine Spectrum Center attractions (Giant Wheel and Carousel) and a free and/or discounted surprise. The VIP Lanyards MUST be picked up during the child's birthday month, by the registered adult, and MUST be redeemed the same day of pick-up. If the Lanyard is not picked up and redeemed during the child's birthday month, the Lanyard will be forfeited for that year. Attractions may periodically close without notice. For attraction status, call Irvine Spectrum Center Guest Services at (949) 790-4871. Additional restrictions and conditions apply, by registering you agree to the Program Terms & Conditions here.